Requesting recognition

Making a request

Monica Dorhoi Office offers different types of recognition. Please send us the requirements. For more details you can all reach us at 202-603-9888.

  • Letter of recommendation and Greeting Letter
  • Citation
  • Proclamation
  • Eagle Scout/Girl Scout Letters
  • Photographs & Autographs


Letter of recommendation and a Greeting Letter

A letter of reccomendation. Or greeting letter is used for programs, brochures, and other publications. Monica Dorhoi enjoys writing letters to groups and organizations that gather in to discuss new ideas and trends in her area of interest.

The decision to write these letters is done completely at the discretion of Monica Dorhoi, and she and her staff reserve the right to deny requests for greeting letters at any time.

If you would like to request a greeting letter for your event or organization, please email your request AT LEAST 20 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE PRINT OR EVENT DEADLINE to Please note that Monica Dorhoi Office can only send you .pdf files or hard copies of the original letter; Word documents with electronic signatures are not available.


MOnica Dorhoi is happy to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and other outstanding achievements by our residents. If you would like to request a citation, please email your request AT LEAST 20 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE PRINT OR EVENT DEADLINE to, or call 202-603-9888 to speak with a member of Monica Dorhoi staff.

Used as educational tools, proclamations are issued to build awareness on topics of interest to Monica Dorhoi. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are issued at the Monica Dorhoi.

The Office reserves the right to edit all draft language. These documents are strictly ceremonial and not legally binding. Below, please find guidelines that reflect the general criteria the Monica Dorhoi and her staff use when considering proclamation requests.

Eagle Scout/Girl Scout Letter
Monica Dorhoi is happy to recognize the achievements of young people, especially those who have reached Eagle Scout or are the recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Autograph & Photograph Requests

Monica Dorhoi is also happy to send out autographs and photographs by mail to friends and fans. Please send your request to or by calling 202-603-9888.