Emergency request to President Barack Obama!

Official Statement from the office of Dr. A Monica Dorhoi, Chair of World Bank IMF Meditation Club on May 11, 2016 to the White House and President Barack Obama at 10:31 am EST/ Washington DC.

Dr. Dorhoi, an American official, Chair of World Bank Staff Meditation Club has officially requested tonight the United States Office of the President an emergency meeting.

The official request was made by the World Bank Meditation Club on behalf of Dr A Monica Dorhoi, who will lead the delegation. It is solely Dr A Monica Dorhoi that can represent the Meditation Club and this official request.
Jim Kim is not a member of the Meditation Club. It is an organization of the staff. The World Bank Board was briefed in writing of the request.

We would like to clarify with this request that we are not supporting Christine Lagarde reappointment.

The meeting was requested to be immediate.