A tribute

Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC was established in Washington DC to protect the legacy of my family and our support for human rights and freedom around the world. The Center is a family foundation that organizes events and co-hosts reception to promote the understanding of our understanding of the World.

Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC is dedicated to the life, work and memory of my father and my mother.

My father is one of the brightest architects and engineers of his generation.

Dorhoi International Research Center of Washington DC will support the development of architecture and understanding of architecture all over the world.

Official picture of Monica Dorhoi released during her talk in the United States Congress Senate Russell building in Washington DC in December 2017. See updates mdorhoi.wordpress.com

Thank you to my grandmother Eva for the inspiration. Mrs Eva died in 2002 after three devastating stokes that left her paralyzed and unresponsive for almost 6 months. Mrs Eva died before I could have reached her.

Being Ambassador of the American Heart Association in 2014-15 is personal tribute to one of the warmest human beings you have ever see.

Thank you to my Grandfather “Bunu” for the inspiration. Bunu died in 1997 after a heart attack. It was before my high school graduation exam.

Being Ambassador of American Diabetes Association is personal tribute to my grandfather. 

In 2017, Monica Dorhoi received the highest recognition in the United States Congress and United States Army for her PhD research in Political Science involving the first World War.