Press statement on living in Washington DC…

Press Statement on living in Washington DC from the Office of Monica Dorhoi, World Bank

Washington DC – Antifraud and anticorruption expert Monica Dorhoi has lived in Washington DC continuously since 2006.
The officials statement was made while at the meeting with Chairman Mendelson of Washington DC City Council.

Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations
Chair of World Bank/IMF Staff Meditation Club

On the latest bogus game…

Press statement from the Office of Monica Dorhoi, CEO of Dorhoi International Research Center from Washington DC at the Leadership Conference of the 2017 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

On the latest bogus game…

Washington DC – Apparently according to Nancy Pelosi, Monica Dorhoi needs to leave first from everywhere she is.

Monica Dorhoi is still unclear as what that means.

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