On the death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany…

Press conference and speech delivered today at the Georgetown Library in Georgetown
On the death of the great Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany

Washington DC – When the great men are no more, remains their memory and we are here today to celebrate their memory.

It is with incredible sadness that Vice President Monica Dorhoi learnt about the death of Helmut Kohl the former Chancellor of Germany.

“He is still a legend of his time. We said.

“I and others grew up with the ending of the communist regime of Eastern Europe and the world. We have seen it. We have seen it in the death of this great leader and of the other before him.

We have come here in front of you to tell you the truth. The truth of what it were. The truth of what it is.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had him as mentor. So did I Albeight for different reasons.

The United States had not seen a greater leader than Him since the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It is in front of the German people that we have committed the United States might and we have stayed together for good ever since.

We are friends and allies and we will remain so.

But make no mistake I come from Michigan my home state and many of the German emigrants that settled in Michigan liked it there.

So are my Neighbours now.

Make no mistake Mr President, Michigan towns housing thousands of German emigrants are now part of the American history. The German Oktoberfest and the traditional Christmas celebrations have no other parallel in Western world.

This was one of the most important celebrations of death that any modern leaders can have today. For our allies, Chancellor Merkel this was a momentous event. Not one that she will ever forget. Chancellor Merkel had Helmut Kohl as mentor. So are we.

Please make no mistake we need to honor them. Better now than ever before. 

Take notice that we the United States have sent mere Deputies of Secretaries of State Department to attend the funeral. It was a slap in the face to the United States Administration for Donald Trump.



On Maria Menous and wishing the best of health…

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July 3, 2017


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On Maria Menounos and wishing the best of health

Washington DC – It is with incredible sadness that the Vice President Monica Dorhoi PhD and Chair of the largest meditation organization in the banking sector learnt about brain tumor of the anchor Maria Menounos, The E! Magazine.

“Maria is truly someone I always associated with glam, movies, and truly good health” said Monica Dorhoi.

For over 7 years Ms Monica Dorhoi had served as Sr Meditation teacher and Chair of Dorhoi Meditation Center of Washington DC, is one of many of the Fortune 500 Vice Presidents in Washington DC in the last decade in Washington DC.

In 2014-15 Monica Dorhoi has been the Sr Meditation Teacher and Ambassador of the American Heart Association. In 2016, Monica Dorhoi has been the Ambassador of the American Diabetes Association.

Ms Monica Dorhoi will remain in meditation and prayer for Mrs Maria Menunous.

“Maria we love you and may you have a long life” said Monica Dorhoi.

Monica Dorhoi will give speeches on Menous life all this week at her events in Washington DC.


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About Vice President Monica Dorhoi, PhD

Dr. Monica Dorhoi is an American Vice President working with entertainment industry and international banking industry of the last decade.

Dorhoi is an economist and anticorruption expert celebrating in 2015 a decade since she was awarded PhD degree in anticorruption and economics. Her award winning PhD dissertation is called [precise quote]:

“Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, Michigan State University, Ph.D. Dissertation, July 2005”. 

Coursework also includes Georgetown University, University of Michigan, University of Vienna (Austria), and University of Bonn (Germany). See updates at mdorhoi.wordpress.com