Thank you to the Guardian…

Press statement on a notice received and reported to the Guardian Newspaper
Antifraud official Monica Dorhoi is investigating a major alleged violation and reported it in over 40 papers.

The throat sight might be alleged but we know who is issuing it.


About Vice President Monica Dorhoi, PhD

Dr. Monica Dorhoi is an American Vice President working on risk management in international banking industry in last decade. Ms Dorhoi earned her PhD degree in 2005 from Michigan State University.

Political science papers and dissertation on anticorruption investigations are still available and published with Duke University Department of Political Science (professor David Rohde), Rice University (professor Mark Jones), Michigan State University (professor Brian Silver).

Dorhoi is an economist and anticorruption expert celebrating in 2015 a decade since she was awarded PhD degree in anticorruption and economics. Her award winning PhD dissertation is called [precise quote]:

“Anti-corruption Strategies and Fighting Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, Michigan State University, Ph.D. Dissertation, July 2005”. Coursework also includes Georgetown University, University of Michigan, University of Vienna (Austria), and University of Bonn (Germany). See updates at



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