On the Meditation Club leadership…

Official statement of the World Bank International Monetary Fund board on June 1st at 9:21 am EST.

The World Bank International Monetary Fund staff meditation club has a very clear leadership.

Dr. A Monica Dorhoi is the only chair since its foundation in 2010 and is the highest ranked official in charge of the Meditation club. Dr. A Monica Dorhoi is one of the highest officials in the world working on fraud.



On interior design…

Dr A Monica Dorhoi is also working on government relations for the international interior design industry.

“My assistant and myself were admiring the award winning decorations at AKA, a luxury hotel in Washington DC. These are awesome meditation props.”Pictures are our own. Monica Dorhoi took them at 8:54 am EST.


Official press release

Official statement made available by the office of the Chair of the World Bank International Monetary Fund Staff Meditation Club in Washington DC

At the request of the media, we need to clarify that questions can be asked directly by Monica Dorhoi. She has a very public event agenda made available at her official website mdorhoi.wordpress.com

The World Bank International Monetary Fund Staff Meditation Club has just released the latest official picture of Monica Dorhoi [to be used by the media].

Monica Dorhoi 2.jpg


Latest schedule of Dr A Monica Dorhoi

Dr Dorhoi has continued to meet with the press and discuss the issues of the day with them ahead of the press conference on Mondays at 10:00 am.

Dr Dorhoi has also had a series of conference calls with the Congressional leaders to provide advice on the issues of the day.

Yesterday evening Dr Dorhoi has made an official visit at the local McDonalds restaurant. She remembered with fondness her long time collaboration with Bob Langert, the former Vice President of Sustainability at McDonalds. He was one of the pioneers in the field. “I should write a article about him. In many respects he is a hero for myself.”