On upcoming health fairs

Dear all,

Tomorrow we are participating into another health fair. We are writing today several articles on the Medstar Georgetown Wellness Fair from Yesterday.

Spending the afternoon in Georgetown.

Writing right now about a beloved mentor Eimi Watanabe a former Chairman of the World Bank Inspection Panel that we are missing here in Washington DC.


Dr. A Monica Dorhoi

Vice President Risk Management and International Government Affairs

From Georgetown tonight

Message on behalf of Dr A Monica Dorhoi, the Chair of the World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club in Washington DC.
Dear colleague,
Hope my message finds you well.
My term as elected Chairwoman of the World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club in Washington DC is until August 2016.
Today I have attended the Medstar Georgetown Hospital Wellness Fair in Georgetown/Washington DC. http://www.medstargeorgetown.org/careers/benefits/wellness/#q={}
In addition to my risk and safeguards work, I am also Sr. Meditation teacher and Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association. As Ambassador in the next 6 months, I will be attending about 40 similar events.
Last year, I used to be Ambassador for the American Heart Association. in 3 months we have attended over 25 such fairs.
Here is more information on the upcoming meditation classes.
With trust,
Dr. A Monica Dorhoi
Vice President Risk Management and International Government Relations
Chair of the World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club (since 2010)
Professor associated with 10 universities and colleges
Michigan State University
University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School
University of Bonn (Germany)
University of Vienna (Austria)
University of Michigan
University of Stockholm (Sweden)
University of Aix-en-Provence (France)
University of Marne-la-Vallee (France)
202-603-9888 (Cell)
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In Washington DC… the Republicans, about you know who and the rest

Dear all,

“What do you think about Michelle Obama?” I was asked by the journalists this morning.

A rushed answer came from my side “God knows, I have no time for her. She is not a banker or an economist, is she? They will leave soon town.”

The Republicans are coming. I really liked the Republican times.  I never had any issues with any administration. I was never a political appointee, I am and I will remain a technocrat. My credentials and qualifications really mattered.”

“What about Washington?”  I was asked by another journalist.

“What is it with it? I answered almost bewildered. “As Washingtonians for over 15 years we know everything” I answered.

“Washington was much fuller of life during the Republican years. We had 10 times more receptions. It seems that the Obama administration is not supporting the city in that sense. We never really thrived economically during the Obama times. The city was emptied out of companies.The Obamas are very much against special interests when each one of them is a “special interest”. And this is not just play on words. Look at the legal definition.”

“Now back to the World Bank?”

On the World Bank side, Jim Kim is not part of the Meditation Club. We are not interested. That’s all I care in terms of meditation collaboration. We are going our way with it. We never received any money – it is true that we never requested it – for our programs. We are very independent.

When he arrived to Washington Jim Kim had virtually no connections in international banking. He never had any experience in managing a Bank. He only knew how to use the ATM machine. He is truly inexperienced. He is running the World Bank like an aid agency. Forget about being as a bank. A huge mistake. The markets penalized him. Often times, we have to intervene to help him capitalize the Bank.

The Central Bankers and international financiers never really took him seriously.

What truly concerned me – working on financial crises and their financing since 2008 is that not even at the helm of IMF we have serious people that can stifle a market meltdown. I mean Christine Lagarde is a lawyer and never participated in a loan preparation other than for her home mortgage. That is prior to coming to the IMF. It’s chilling.

Dr Dorhoi is a Vice-President Risk Management and International Government Affairs in Washington DC. In last 7 years, she worked on investing over 10 billion USD in the Middle East and South Asia. Since 2010, she has also been the Chair of the World Bank IMF Staff Meditation Club which is an organization that caters to bankers and international banking industry. The Meditation Club has over 800 members from 40 countries. Her email is mdorhoi@gmail.com